Remembrance of Things Past

Mostly about growing up the 1950s in Ilford, Essex.

Full List of Posts

Listed below are all numbered posts. Please note that some posts have been renamed to simplify lookup.

General – Introduction:

[1] Preliminary


[3] Religion – Generally Church of England

[13] Secrecy – and the Establishment

[20] Sex Discrimination

[23] Choice – More about lack of choice then

[40] Formality

[43] Golliwogs – And Standards

[47] Standards – Attitudes to Animals, Capital and Corporal Punishment.

[60] Young and Innocent – Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

[85] Shotgun Weddings – Sex and Marriage

[96] Alcohol


[24] Local Shops – Beehive Lane. Also Butchers, Bakers, Newsagents.

[28] Grocers   

[37] The Post Office – Including Post Office Savings

[42] Chemists – And Hardware Shops

[52] Department Stores – And Other Large Shops


[15] Highlands School (1) – and Grange Hill Junior School

[16] Highlands School (2) – and Mr Adlam

[62] ICHS for Boys Part One – Introduction and Teaching

[66] ICHS – Part Two – First Year to Third Year

[70] ICHS – Part Three – More Subjects in Years 1 to 3

[78] ICHS – Part Four – Fourth Form and Fifth Form. Discipline and School Dinners

[82] ICHS – Part Five – Sixth Form

[107] University


[11] Newspapers – and other news media

[17] Cinema – Mostly Saturday Morning Pictures.

[27] Television

[35] Telephones

[41] Photography

[45] Electrical Goods – How we Managed Without Things

[55] Typewriters

[112] Sound and Video Recording


[67] One, Two, Three – Mathematics without Computers

[86] Four, Five, Six – Early Computers



[27] Television

[29] Children’s TV (1) – Watch with Mother and Crackerjack

[31] TV Heroes – My personal choices

[33] Children’s TV (2) – Other Early TV

[73] 23 Railway Cuttings – More TV Heroes

[84] Yarroo – What’s My Line, Whack-o and Bunter

[98] TV (4) – Dixon, Westerns and others

[99] TV (5) – More Including Doctor Who and Star Trek


[38] Mrs. Dale – The Earliest Soap Opera

[51] Family Favourites

[77] Wakey-Wakey! – Early Radio Heroes


[26] Music (1) – My personal memories

[32] Music (2) –  … in three parts

[34] Music (3) – … mostly typical of the times

[112] Records etc


[12] Football Pools

[61] Match of the Day – Football, Rugby, Cricket

[64] More Sport – Most Other Sports

[101] Sport 3 – Amateurism, Athletics, Tennis and Olympic Games


[25] Holidays (1) – Seaside Holidays

Food and Drink:

 [57] A Pint of Bitter – Beer and Pubs

[68] Cooking with Gas – Kitchens and Storing Food

[76] Cooking part 2 – Including Pastry and Sunday Lunch

[96] Alcohol

[103] More Miscellaneous – Including Tea and Coffee

[105] Miscellaneous – Including Sunday Tea


[74] Cleanliness is next to Godliness – Personal Hygiene

[79] In Sickness and in Health – Health Services


[56] Spending a Penny – Coins and Pre-decimal Money

[90] Banks – Money and Finance


[2] Coal Fires

[6] Heating – Electricity and Gas

[93] Cleaning – Clothes, Dishes and Homes

[97] Houses


[5] Winter – and Winter Clothing

[40] Formality

[110] Fashion


[18] Roads (1) – The North Circular Road

[19] Roads (2) – The A40 to Wales

[104] Cars

[108] Transport


[7] Christmas Preparations

[8] Christmas Day – and Christmas Dinner

[9] Christmas Carols

[10] Christmas Traditions

[88] Christmas


[30] Names

[39] Just What I Choose it to Mean – New and Changed Words

[40] Formality

[94] More Words – New Words for New Ideas

[114] Language – Final Blog

Politics and History:

[46] The War – WW II and Afterwards

[48] Politics and Elections

[51] A Little bit of History – and Geography – The Iron Curtain

[75] Nationalization – Things That Used to be Part of the Government

[80] Bletchley Park – Miscellaneous with some History

[100] Royalty – The Queen and Royal Family

[111] Geography and History


[10] Christmas Traditions

[44] Boars and Antelopes, Craneflies and Earwigs – Our First House

[54] Halfway up the Drive – Our Second House

[60] Young and Innocent – Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Cigarettes

[69] Elizabeth Martha – My Grandmother

[81] St Andrews 1 – The Local Church. Building, Services, Vicars

[89] Parents

[91] St Andrews 2 – Sunday School, Mothers Union, Choir

[95] St Andrews 3 – Cubs and Scouts

[102] St Andrews 4 – Including Confirmation, Youth Club

[109] Growing Up – Games and Hobbies

My Heroes

[31] TV Heroes

[72] Anna Cherkasova – Doctor Barbara Moore – Land’s End to John O’Groats

[73] More TV Heroes

Other Miscellaneous Topics:

[4] Modern Things – Things we didn’t have then.

[12] Football Pools

[14] Birds

[30] Names

[49] Nicknames.

[59] Weights and Measures

[83] Time – Clocks, Days, Seasons, Calendar

[92] Space – Astronomy and Space Travel

[113] Summary

Mixed Small Entries:

[22] Miscellany (1)

[36] Miscellany (2) 

[53] Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Things that have come and gone

[58] A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

[63] Not so Grumpy – Positive Changes

[65] Stand and Deliver! – Milkman, Rag and Bone and Others

[71] Another Picture Blog

[80] A Walk round the Park

[87] Memories in Pictures

[103] More Miscellaneous – Including Tea and Coffee

[105] Miscellaneous – Including Sunday Tea


[21] Review (1)

[50] Half a Century

Note: Posts are numbered chronologically. For unnumbered posts see the Category Unlisted.

8 thoughts on “Full List of Posts

  1. Pingback: [50] Half a Century | Remembrance of Things Past

  2. Hi, thanks for all the great memories of ICHs. With reference to the clocks, there were clocks in all the classrooms. They were linked to a master clock in the headmasters office so that all displayed the same time.


  3. I’m amazed at how comprehensive you have been in covering the 50s and 60s. You do not, however, as far as I can see, say much about BBC Radio (Perhaps I’ve missed a post or two or perhaps you will cover it later). I’m especially interested in the BBC Radio sci-fi series Journey Into Space. I have fairly vivid memories of the show, plus lots of material exists online, even some extensive original material although perhaps the first very first shows were lost. Of course Wikipedia has a good write-up of Journey Into Space; however, sometimes I’m a bit wary of allowing Wikipedia to influence my personal memories too much.


    • Thanks. I have some radio and more television to come but don’t remember much about Journey into Space, just the tone of voice in the way it was announced!


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  5. Fascinating read, Alan. Came across your site when trying to research where we sat the Eleven Plus exam in 1952. thought it was somewhere around Balfour Road. I attended Downshall Infants and Juniors and then went to Beal Grammar. Lived in Wards Road off Ley Street. Also trying to recall the name of a large factory off Ley St heading towards Ilford . there was a massive iron bridge over the railway lines which was a short cut to Ilford High St. Was it Plesseys do you know? I worked in their drawing office for a short while on Eastern Avenue at Green Gate. Been back twice [now in New Zealand]


  6. Regarding televised football. I remember that the second half of the 1954 World Cup final between West Germany and Hungary was televised from Switzerland. I was ten then. My parents were horrified that I wanted the Germans to win. (They were 0-2 down at half time and won 3-2.)
    That year the entire FA Cup Final (Preston v. West Bromwich Albion) and probably the Blackpool v. Bolton game the year before, were also televised, as was the game that made me a Wolves supporter, Honved (Hungary) v. Wolves, televised one evening in 1954. I used to wear a Wolves pin but the day I added a second one Pinhead made me take them both off.
    The Amateur Cup Final from Wembley was televised in 1954 (Bishop Auckland v. Crook Town).
    Extra time was playable in the replay of a cup tie and subsequently. Important changes in the rules included the “no pass back to the goalkeeper for him to pick up the ball”, no substitute was ever allowed in League or cup ties, even for a player with a broken leg (Notts Forest v Luton Cup Final, 1959). The passion at a Cup Final was tremendous. I never got a ticket for one, but you could feel it just watching the pre-match preamble and community singing at the ground.
    As a passionate Wolves supporter at ICHS, life could be very difficult when almost everybody else was a Tottenham fan. My father took me to the Spurs v Wolves game at White Hart Lane in November 1955. Wolves lost 1-2 and I cried all the way home, not because we had lost but because I knew what awaited me at ICHS on the Monday.


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